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Tom Lyon

In this episode, Internet legend Tom Lyon takes us on a journey to the leading edge of distributed computing. This is a very special interview for Product Storyteller, as it explores the origins of our current IT economy from an engineer’s point of view.

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Rob Behnke

Rob Behnke shares his perspective on the crypto ICO boom and the need to add value to win business on any platform. He also gives us a sneak peek into NouGit, a new way to incentivize those people who contribute to open source projects.

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VERGE 2019

At VERGE 2019, a platform for companies and communities accelerating the clean economy shows the way to an optimistic future that delivers more from less.

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Product Storyteller

As Stewart Noyce interviews disruptive innovators, past and present, Product Storyteller finds the durable edge of free market capitalism, where new products and brands satisfy community need for economic resilience and ecological sustainability.

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Hackathon Heroes

Hackathon teams benefit from domain expertise that gives their concepts legitimacy. To a team of hacker, hipster and hustler, consider the addition of a hero who understands what you need to build.

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Jay Ryder

At our 30th reunion, my Haas 89 classmates demanded an interview with Jay Ryder. Apparently, he was quiet during our two years together at Cal Berkeley. I brought my recording equipment to him, and the results prove that he is no longer quiet.

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