While raising funds for a NASDAQ-listed company over 20 years ago, I learned the fundamental message points for a strong investment opportunity pitch from my investment bankers. An enticing story could be built from five core business factors held in balance - market gap, strategic advantage, unique value proposition, business model and ability to execute.

Later, I projected that into my product marketing work. If a company managed itself strategically from the beginning, it could grow efficiently and organically. I created the GAUGE framework to meet this goal and put it work in new product development. Eventually, I started to share it with others through consulting services and even coded the process into online software.

Today, a rapidly evolving global economy needs innovative new products more than ever.  I intend to help emerging companies meet that need with three new standard service offers from TruNorth Consulting. Each of these programs delivers business-changing results at a price that matches the size and budget of the client.

Development -  First, I offer a package of four one-on-one sessions for ideation and validation of emerging products and businesses.  GAUGE interview questions elicit a foundation for efficient understanding of strategy through analytical discipline. Within a proven framework, discussion prompts isolate the vision and goals of the founder and the necessary elements for success of their initiative.  After listening, I work with the leader to identify and document near term objectives. Subsequent sessions review delivery against objectives and identify material change for strategy iteration.

Fundraising - Second, I offer investor pitch preparation for company leaders and their immediate management / advisor team. This offer includes survey questions, interviews, brainstorming sessions, strategy alignment, messages and pitch practice. Here, the analytical framework uncovers the shared vision of the team and the powerful messages that each member brings to the pitch. A powerful, authentic story can be central to raising money.

Business Expansion - Third, I offer a program of business strategy assessment that uncovers opportunities for revenue and market share growth in early stage companies. This offer expands the survey and interview process to include employees, customers, business partners and other constituents. A complete 360 view guides the envisioning process and informs consistent messaging  throughout the company's many constituent touch points.  The assessment offer can be extended into bespoke product and/or brand launch consulting projects, especially for situations where a company is testing a new idea for the market.

These offers will be delivered through TruNorth Consulting LLC. For more information on GAUGE, read this overview and subscribe with your email (see the pink subscribe button) to get notification of weekly articles. Members will also have access to discount offers and promotional opportunities.