This week my very compelling guest is Soren Juul Jorgensen, a lawyer and civil servant of Denmark, who moved to Palo Alto in 2014 to open the Innovation Center Denmark.  With his work Danish companies have accelerated their engagement with Silicon Valley and Soren has grown into the role of innovation leader.

We first met when I led the pitch night for data privacy companies at his first ever Responsible Digital Leadership workshop. The global business leaders in attendance talked about the need for companies to build good social practices into their products from the beginning.  I wanted to know more, so I asked Soren to sit down with me for this conversational interview.

We talked about how companies need to move on from breaking the rules, to a place where people make new rules responsibly.  Does that come from industry regulation, or from an industry that self regulates?

From his European perspective, Soren relates an ethical approach to durable capitalism that comes from shared understanding and the setting of community standards.  I hope that you appreciate our conversation as much as I did.