Exceptional Value Creation

As a marketing executive and consultant, I work with teams to build category defining products with enduring brand identity. Typical projects can 1) raise money, 2) fit product to market, 3) express brand story, or 4) expand solution partners.

As an innovator, I work for value creation (to avoid value transfer through wealth redistribution). We need innovation to satisfy unmet needs, create good paying jobs, support sustainable business entities, and reduce conflict in society.


A combination of storytelling talent, product marketing skill and cloud computing experience sets me apart.


I use story to express strategy, position products, sell solutions and bring people together in community. It's both a talent and a passion.

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Product Marketing

As a software developer, it became clear that I should develop skills in product marketing to build better products and add value reliably.

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Cloud Computing

From my very first job out of school, I have been working on the leading edge of cloud computing. The journey continues with blockchain technology.

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