Storytelling In Action

As a product manager, I find gaps, launch products and build brands.

Innovators hire me full-time, or fractionally through TruNorth Consulting, to help them grow their emerging businesses.

Trained as a computer scientist, I developed startup storytelling skills over tiome to convince talent, partners, investors and customers to join me on the frontier.

Product Storyteller blog articles and podcast interviews explore the art of storytelling in product innovation, entertainment and life.

Today, I look to build products that create new value on the decentralized Internet. It's time to move fast and fix things.


I use storytelling talent, product marketing skill and cloud computing experience to seize opportunity in emerging Internet market segments.


Story powerfully expresses strategy, positions products, sells solutions and brings people together in community.

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Product Marketing

Product marketing expertise developed through broad industry experience defines platforms that can transform industries.

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Cloud Computing

Wisdom gained at the leading edge of cloud computing quickly illuminates the efficient paths to a global decentralized future.

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