Exceptional Value Creation

As a marketing executive and consultant, I work with teams to build category defining products with enduring brand identity. Typical projects can 1) raise money, 2) fit product to market, 3) express brand story, or 4) expand solution partners.

As an innovator, I work for value creation (to avoid value transfer through wealth redistribution). We need innovation to satisfy unmet needs, create good paying jobs, support sustainable business entities, and reduce conflict in society.

Story Makes the Difference

At every phase of the new product life cycle, the use of story helps me reduce project risk and optimize results. Stories help teams create value reliably, with greater efficiency and efficacy. Here are seven great reasons to add story expertise to your new product team.

  • Power - Stories touch every part of the brain, creating a strong emotional connection that endures.
  • Engagement - Stronger team bonds foster enthusiasm and encourage greater groupwide participation.
  • Virality - Easily remembered stories become a team's oral tradition, and are widely shared.
  • Alignment - Succinct stories create shared understanding, putting team members on the same page.
  • Resilience - Emotional truth of story gives a team the freedom to adapt to market surprises.
  • Transcendence - Stories reshape knowledge into meaning for positive, irreversible change in the world.
  • Advantage - Story builds upon story, enabling highly differentiated brands for strategic market control.


Amplify your big idea, and act on it, by inviting and empowering a team beyond yourself. Engagements are limited to select new product teams. Contact me to discuss the potential fit.

Build, Launch, Grow

Perfect plans don’t always survive first contact with the real world. Use TruNorth to accelerate your market response, expand your product line and fulfill your vision.

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Tell Your Story

Products are easier to sell when customers can relate to them. Use story to connect emotionally with all of your constituents, and build a brand that endures.

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Get Expert Advice

Sometimes you only need a little push to get over the top. Experience and process help you quickly assess and improve your product and brand strategy.

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I am an experienced product executive with wisdom, and a vision for our shared future.


Broad strategy and storytelling experience gets things done.

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Looking beyond knowledge and self shapes what we should do.

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I see local identity and global anonymity in our shared future.

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As a first time CEO, Stewart helped me steer the conversation with early investors and in part helped me to raise an additional $800,000 in seed funding.

Jeanette Mucha

Stewart listened to my diverse group of seminar thought leaders and spoke back our distinct identity - warriors who put spiritual wisdom into action.

Floyd Thompkins

Stewart helped the NouGit team with key bits of advice during the EOS Hackathon SF in Nov 2018 that pushed us into 1st place and a $100,000 payday.

Rob Behnke