In early January 2020, I had the delicious opportunity to share a leisurely lunch in Paris with three of my fellow Berkeley Haas MBAs.  One of them, Carlos Gaviola, took me up on the offer to record an interview for Product Storyteller.

Carlos works on the durable edge of capitalism as a volunteer for #leplusimportant.  As you will learn from Carlos in this interview, business people in Europe, and Paris in this case, understand the need to retrain people who would otherwise be left out as technology relentlessly moves towards higher productivity.

As we in the US consider our own issues with worker displacement, it should prove useful to hear how this group of French business people have approached the problem with entrepreneurial flair.  They don’t see government as an enemy, but rather as a partner who can deliver the solutions that they propose and test.

This is a quick episode that will leave you wanting more.  Let’s listen now.