Beyond knowledge is knowing what we must do to secure our shared future.

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Collective Humanity

In a perfect world, knowledge increases and human lives improve across the board. With US politics in gridlock, and angry people demanding their way or the highway, it seems we are regressing. This essay argues for collective humanity through the lens of specific social media algorithm legislation.

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Amplify Human Wisdom

Brand builders are starting to use Large Language Model (LLM) technology in product launches and brand campaigns. The article urges innovators to remember that generative artificial intelligence is merely a tool that serves to amplify the human wisdom still at the core of their growing business.

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GAUGE Services Platform

TruNorth Consulting announced today broad availability of its GAUGE Services Platform, a system that delivers powerful messages, shared strategy and concrete objectives that help fuel the growth of emerging companies. The platform supports both fixed price offers and partnership opportunities.

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Hackathon Heroes

Hackathon teams benefit from domain expertise that gives their concepts legitimacy. To a team of hacker, hipster and hustler, consider the addition of a hero who understands what you need to build.

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Solve A Problem

Richard Feynman once wrote a four paragraph letter of apology to one of his students, telling him that what really matters is to solve a problem that he can solve.

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