In the podcasts I produce and host, my narrative approach exposes the authentic voice of my guests.  Each question, carefully crafted and placed in an outline, takes us deeper into their journey.  They talk, I listen.  

I started hosting podcasts in late 2018, and found it life changing. With each new take on the world, my understanding of if expanded.   Though my primary focus is business innovation, this has led to fascinating conversations in the area of sustainability and spirituality.  I am currently looking out for the durable edge of capitalism.

Here are the podcasts (in launch order).  Click through these links to learn more and subscribe.

BloxNexus - From December 2018 through August 2019, this podcast investigated real world applications of blockchain technology.  The original interviews are still online. Listen on Apple iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud.

Applied Wisdom - From March - July 2019, this client-sponsored podcast explored the leading edge of ministry where spiritual leaders put wisdom into action.  

Innovation Brew - Sponsored by Edison365, this podcast teased out trade secrets from global innovation leaders like Brant Cooper and Cris Beswick.  It ran from July - December 2019. Unfortunately, it is no longer online.

Product Storyteller - Since September 2019, my own podcast focuses on the relationship that innovators have with the durable edge of free market capitalism.  Listen on Apple iTunes.