On June 12, 2019, Microsoft sponsored an innovation unconference in San Francisco, CA.  Led by Mike Kremer, Project Solution Specialist at Microsoft and John Michael Scott, CEO of Greendata, roughly 50 corporate executives attended and discussed innovation from different view points.

I was asked to summarize the discussion at our disruptive innovation table.  We were all experienced business leaders who had brought more than a few new products to market.  We discussed why we thought disruptive innovation was important and how it was made to work in larger companies.  

Our big discovery was that disruptive innovation was enabled by rules makers, people who could establish the right path for an organization to take as it launched a new product.  This was in contrast to startups filled with rules breakers, and large companies with rules followers. Though appropriate for their structures, neither could bring about disruptive innovation in a reliable way.

Here's the video where I summarize the message of our table for the whole audience.

Stewart Noyce - Microsoft Unconference, San Francisco, June 12, 2019