Decades of experience teaches valuable lessons. More than a list of what not to do, I see wisdom as guidelines for what to do.  

Let's call wisdom the ability / an ability to see the future as it should be.  It's knowing that one should follow principles not rules.  for we look forward to an uncertain future with the need to create something better than what we have at present.  

We are innovators who must add value.  And that means first knowing what to do.  Where is value currently lacking?  Where is there unmet need?  

Beyond one's own limited experience, wisdom comes also from reading books, applying processes and playing games.  This will be explored here.

I myself use what wisdom I have been able to gain through the lens of the GAUGE methodology and framework.  It's something that I built to help me work smarter. It became something so flexible and increasingly valuable that I have started to share it.