My Story

As a young programmer, coding in my own silo, cut off from the customer, I thought there must be a better way to make great products.

I moved to San Francisco, studied marketing at UC Berkeley, and started to work alongside amazing technology innovators.

At Sun Microsystems, GeoWorks and Certicom, I helped jumpstart the megatrend for distributed and decentralized systems that would transform the world.

I learned that better products came from sharing compelling narratives, crafted specifically to connect people together in community.

Now, I am an accomplished marketing executive with broad-based strategy and product storytelling experience.

People work with me in three ways.  

First, companies hire me through TruNorth Consulting (or as a full time employee) to own a product through build, launch and grow phases.  

Second, individuals and companies hire me to tell their product story in writing, speaking, workshops, panels, videos, visualizations and other means.

Third, individuals hire me to advise them on business and/or product strategy.

Why work with me?


Gets things done. Makes a plan and stick to it. Assumes that it will change after three months.


Creatively pushes the envelope of what can be done, but always adds value.


Clearly articulates a thesis, backs it up with facts, and delivers it succinctly with humor.


Seeks win-win outcomes. Follows the rule to 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.''


Uses a repeatable, rigorous process that quickly and clearly exposes the signal from the noise.


Thinks big. Imagines the path from your personal strengths to long term sustainable advantage.