Leadership Experience

What does it mean to have broad-based strategy and product storytelling experience? It means that I have executed every aspect of a successful product rollout, from building and launching the product to running programs that optimize initial market penetration and grow sales.  It means convincing people to work on, talk about and sell a new product. That means exercising leadership and building teams.  

Sometimes it means going deep on product requirements.  At EMC, I led a collaborative team that collected and documented over 250 requirements for a new archiving solution implementation, EMC Documentum Archive Services for Email.

Sometimes it means a focus on the launch when influencers must be convinced.  At Avaya, my teams launched six different voice and data network solutions within 18 months.  Recognition as a data networking provider increased by 33% over that time.

Sometimes it means growing momentum and revenues in a product already launched.  At Sun Microsystems, I guided the brand and written content for SunNet Manager post launch and recruited over 100 companies in the first year.

But when it all comes together, magic happens.  At Certicom, I identified the clear unmet need for elliptic curve cryptography digital signatures in mobile and wireless devices, launched the product, rebranded the company and led the team that told its story.  In a little over two years, Certicom listed on NASDAQ and raised $42m.