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This category includes descriptions and examples of core innovation principles that provide a foundational framework for strategic product and business management decision making.

GAUGE Method

As a product manager and executive, the rush from seeing new ideas come to life drives me forward. Unfortunately, many (if not most) truly new products fail to meet the objectives required of the teams that launch them. Reasons can range from internal impedance to external market surprises. For the past fifteen years, I have [...]

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Mission Needs A Goal

Your mission is what you do every day. Where the vision statement dares to dream, the mission statement is direct and tactical. Unfortunately, so many organizations make a hash of the two. They waste days and months arguing over replaceable weasel words. Avoid this. Combine the two into a single Big Hairy Audacious Goal statement, [...]

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Vision Invents the Future

If you want to predict the future, invent it.  It’s not enough to have a new idea, the successful innovator must envision the future.  Imagine how the world will be changed, for the better.  Write it down.  Then engage others and share your core values with them.  Even if your vision sounds wildly ambitious at [...]

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Inciteful Headline, Insightful Copy

When you want to get noticed, you whisper.  There was a time this was true.  When E.F. Hutton talked, people listened.  But they had an attentive audience.  If you are not already massively popular, this strategy just isn’t going to smash through the mindshare clutter of the Internet.  What can you do? You can try [...]

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Love Them All

At the family dinner, a middle-school boy admits to his first crush. His father says, ask her to the dance immediately. The sooner you tell her your feelings, the sooner you will know if she loves you back. Love them all, and find the one that loves you back. The same principle applies to ideas. [...]

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Advice for Small Business

Bob Nelson seeks to train small businesses around the world, bringing livelihood to the poor. His request, what are the top 10 pieces of advice you would give to a small business just getting started? I offer this list. Appropriate to groups of any size in any market, it calls attention to the universal issues [...]

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Just as you can’t make a patient healthy by bleeding them to death, one can’t make a business healthy by simply laying off employees. Recently, HP announced that it would reduce staff by 29,000 (CNN) with the goal to simplify business practices and accelerate innovation (BGR). Massive layoffs are a sign of bad management (Forbes), [...]

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Obama or Romney?

Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney impress me as candidates for President of the United States.  In Presidential Debate 2012, I said that I was looking for evidence that either had a summary plan which included a long-term vision, a day-to-day mission and concrete objectives.  From the transcripts, word counts for the Oct 3 and Oct [...]

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What Can They Do?

Your innovator team is motivated, willing and able to do anything.  That doesn’t mean you should ask them to take on a mission for which they are unprepared.  Ask yourself, what can they do better than anyone else?  Fierce competition gives your team little time to learn new skills and domains.  Put them in position [...]

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Citation Jet Pilot Safety

When you get invited to fly in a private plane operated by an amateur pilot, check your life insurance before you go up.  Fatalities occur at a rate equivalent to operating a motorcycle (over 20 per million hours).  But flying home from the CJP meeting in Coeur d’Alene in a Cessna Citation CJ3 with an [...]

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