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These posts explore the open internet commons, where digital labor and open source technology provide the raw materials for innovation worldwide.

Displaying Census Data

This post should give you an idea of how census data can be displayed geographically using choropleth (an area that marks property on a map) outlines to communicate insight derived from analytical investigation to a broad audience. Every ten years, the US government makes a thorough counting of its citizens. With an estimated population of [...]

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D3 Visualization

The d3.unconf (“a one-day gathering of data visualization practitioners”) is coming Mar 29, 2014. I can’t wait. When it comes to exciting big data visualizations, so many are being built on the D3 (Data Driven Documents) library. There is great beauty in the investigation of data. D3 lets the data scientist share that beauty with [...]

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Sim Theory

Years ago, I worked with Enrico Rodrigo at Austron.  There we built precise time and frequency instruments for high capacity voice and data communications.  During this period, Enrico worked with Dr. Jim Barnes on techniques for the fine tuning of atomic frequency standards. One day, Enrico challenged me with a question.  ”Can you prove that we are [...]

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Bursting Your Filter Bubble

The premise of The Filter Bubble, by Eli Pariser, is that Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others are giving you exactly what they think you want.  That isn’t always a good thing.  Remember the advice of Andrew Lewis (speaking as blue_beetle): If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold. [...]

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Computers Are Useless

The following quote is attributed to Pablo Picasso.  But if you were to link to it from your web page, where would you point? Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers. For those restrained by veracity, including such a statement in a paper or blog post might prompt an afternoon of research.   [...]

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Open Source is a Tactic

An experienced product manager with a close shave and a pressed shirt leaned over the lunch table and said, “Remember, open source is a tactic.” He wasn’t the first to say it. In 2008, Lora Bentley summarized a study by the 451 Group that chronicled the open source “strategies” of 114 companies, in which analyst [...]

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Mind to Mind

Tim Berners-Lee asked for instant-on computing in Weaving the Web, a book he wrote in 1999. We are still waiting, but perhaps now the time is ripe for innovation that increases content creation on the web.

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