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Local, state and federal governments impact innovation through regulation and budgets. Google search results for rules outnumber principles twelve to one.

Obama or Romney?

Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney impress me as candidates for President of the United States.  In Presidential Debate 2012, I said that I was looking for evidence that either had a summary plan which included a long-term vision, a day-to-day mission and concrete objectives.  From the transcripts, word counts for the Oct 3 and Oct [...]

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Presidential Debate 2012

Tonight US voters get to watch the first of three scheduled Presidential Debates.  Many will tune in seeking substance, hoping to identify what actions the candidates will take once elected.  Yet, how many just look for a train wreck of bitter invective with some drama that exposes shards of emotional truth? I need the substance. [...]

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Open Government Initiative

One thing government can and should do is publish clean data, based on everything it gathers.  Upon entering ofice in 2009, US President Barack Obama set up an Open Government Initiative to commit entities to publish data online.  This US initiative hopes to encourage participatory democracy by individuals who download, analyze and respond to the [...]

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Open Invention Network

Linux (2011, 2012) is a computing platform that government could support – open, simple, and participatory.  The problem is that Linus Torvalds led by example here.  Hard to imagine a top down mandate would accomplish the same. If government can’t or won’t provide for a technology commons then private efforts such as the Open Invention [...]

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Government 2.0

Where should government spend the money of its citizens?  What value must it provide?  With government spending over 40% of GDP, it’s time to ask these questions. Arguing for a fresh approach, Tim O’Reilly wrote Government as a Platform, which was published in the Winter 2011 edition of the MIT Press Journals.  In the article he argues for investment in [...]

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Balancing the Budget

Here in the land of drought and sun, we always look out for number one.  California’s school kids have been the biggest losers (2008, 2009, 2010).  And even though CEOs advocate for an educated workforce, initiatives like Prop 30 that target their income bracket to pay for K-12 education only lead to animosity and continued budget gridlock. [...]

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Government Spending

Innovators take risks, and expect rewards IF they are successful.  Government should provide a secure, just environment for commerce, and enable the commons that supports development of new industries.   However, too much spending creates need for increased taxation and debt that overwhelms the entrepreneurial economy.  It reduces incentives to take risk, and it crowds [...]

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No Child Left Behind

Innovation flourishes on the foundation of an independent, highly educated, creative workforce. In Innovation Nation, John Kao outlines how Finland started in the 1970′s to make its own talent by “converting their schools from mediocrity to excellence.” Kao points out that the world is highly competitive now, and the US will soon lose its leadership [...]

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Principles vs. Rules

If you must choose between principles and rules in your business, I recommend that you make it a rule to follow your principles. Principles allow the flexibility to focus on results. Here are a few examples: Accounting – Operate within a timeless body of proven accounting concepts, rather than obfuscate within the letter of the [...]

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Here’s a high level snapshot of the top ten drug companies in the world.  Note the recent acquisition activity:  Pfizer buys Wyeth, Merck acquires Schering-Plough, Roche seizes a full 100% stake in Genentech.  What’s going on here?

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