Innovation matters to me, because it solves real-world problems and addresses unmet needs. Yet it seems nearly impossible to achieve outside of high risk startups. Too often, rules get in the way.

Innovation follows principles, not rules. Managing innovation is like holding a small bird in your hands. Hold it too hard and it can be crushed. Hold it too lightly and it will fly away.

This website is a resume, and a manifesto. Reading through the pages, you will quickly figure out whether or not you want to work with me to bring a new product or business to market.

But if you’re simply inspired by the stories, that’s fine also. This blog explores innovation success wherever it can be found. Posts are collected into four topic areas:

  1. California – Posts in this category capture the character of California, particularly the spirit of the forty niner gold rush that persists to this day.
  2. Government – Local, state and federal governments impact innovation through regulation and budgets, more often following rules than principles.
  3. Principles – Descriptions and examples of core innovation principles that I use for strategic product and business management decision making.
  4. Internet – These posts explore the open internet commons, where open source technology and digital labor are applied to business innovation.

Occasionally, I include completely unedited posts.  They feel like inspiration, a message from the unbound voice.  They are the 1% that leads to the 99% of hard work that leads to innovation.  They are what they are.

If you’re interested in my take on innovation, add the RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, and write a comment. I look forward to meeting you.

Stewart Noyce