D3 Visualization

The d3.unconf (“a one-day gathering of data visualization practitioners”) is coming Mar 29, 2014. I can’t wait. When it comes to exciting big data visualizations, so many are being built on the D3 (Data Driven Documents) library. There is great beauty in the investigation of data. D3 lets the data scientist share that beauty with others.

This should be a cool event because it asks participants to prove their level of commitment by posting an example when they register. This is a nice bit of genius that will surely raise the quality of the event. Those of us who attend will already have shared something that we learned, proving that we are already in the spirit.

My example came from a seed planted by Ian Johnson. I wanted to share a visualization at the Jan. 28 meeting of the Bay Area d3 User Group in San Francisco. So, what would be of interest to the group? Ian said something to the effect, “Tell us something about ourselves. There’s a list of almost 2000 visualizations. What’s in the data?”

The result was D3 Authors by Domain. I used the d3.pack layout function to organize nearly 1500 identifiably authored visualizations by the web domain where each had been presented online. The result was beautiful, almost fractal. The link shared above points to a block that presents the image along with the behind-the-scenes notes of how it came to be. This five minute video captures the joy of its discovery, as I present it to they d3.bayarea() audience.

Please look for me at the upcoming d3.unconf if you plan to attend.

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