Love Them All

At the family dinner, a middle-school boy admits to his first crush. His father says, ask her to the dance immediately. The sooner you tell her your feelings, the sooner you will know if she loves you back. Love them all, and find the one that loves you back.

The same principle applies to ideas. The moment something enters your mind, write it down. Test it later. Even if it is less than brilliant and sent to the scrap heap immediately, at least you didn’t obsess on it for a week or more.

Confirmation comes from Yves Behar in San Francisco magazine, April 2013 (cover photo). He wants his team to sketch out their ideas as soon as they have them. It’s the quickest way to weed out the bad ones.

“If you never draw a bad idea, it will remain in your head. The best way to purge it is to draw it”

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